Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects By Gillian Flynn, paperback, 254 pages, £7.99

All families have their secrets, but none as twisted as the Preaker family. In a town as small as Wind Gap, Camille Preaker did not realise what she was getting herself into. Sharp Objects begins with Camille Preaker returning to her hometown to cover the murder of 2 young girls for her local paper, Chicago News. Although Camille prepared herself as much as possible for the return of Wind Gap, nothing could prepare her for what she is about to discover about the murders and herself.

This novel allows the reader to view Wind Gap through the eyes of Camille. Points of view are questioned as although the reader learns about Camille’s background of Wind Gap, her approach to what happened in this town appears conventional to her. This may have a conflicting interest with the reader.410c6rsrdbl._sx303_bo1204203200_

The pace throughout the novel appears slow. The frustrations with no one telling Camille news on the murders can at time reflect the readers frustrations. It is only when Camille discovers something about her past that the pace begins to quicken as all of the pieces come together.

Flynn’s novels always involve characters with deep flaws. Although Amy’s mental state was flawed in Gone Girl to represent a psychopath, she was still a likeable character. Interestingly, there are many flawed characters throughout Sharp Objects. This could emphasise the harsh reality of Wind Gap, as nothing is as perfect as it seems. However this could also demonstrate a variety of potential murderers with motives. Interestingly the only character without a flaw is Marian. It is clear that the lack of flaw has been created on purpose however the way in which Flynn has characterised Sharp Objects is a skill in itself.

Sharp Objects would appeal to previous readers of Gillian Flynn, as well as people who like to challenge conventions. The disturbing reality of what appears to be a perfect town appears to be the most conflicting read. The twists and turns in this novel are similar to Paula Hawkins Into the Water as the twists occur right until the last word.

If you are intrigued to discover Wind Gap for yourself then you can buy Sharp Objects here.

However just remember that Curry and his wife won’t be coming to get you.